Pilea Peperomioides in Grey Pot
Pilea Peperomioides in Grey Pot

Pilea Peperomioides in Grey Pot

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These guys aren’t losing the spotlight any time soon. Every single person who has an inner jungle either owns a Pilea or is on the hunt for one.


They do their best work when they are placed in a bright spot with indirect sun.


When the soil is almost dry, give it a drink but don’t over water. I’m not sure if you know this but.. more plants die from over-watering then under-watering!


If your Pilea becomes long and leggy, this is a sign that it needs more light so pop him in a brighter spot.


Base of pot to top of plant - 21cm

*Please note that no two plants are the same but each one is as beautiful and lush as the one pictured. You won't believe the amount of time we spend staring at each plant before deciding which to take home. Only the best for our plant peeps!

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