Monstera Deliciosa-Indoor-Plants-Melbourne-The-Jungle-Edition
Monstera Deliciosa-Indoor-Plants-Melbourne-The-Jungle-Edition


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Otherwise known as the "Swiss Cheese" plant.

We don't know many people who don't have a Monstera as part of their indoor plant gang!

Monstera's are super easy and can grow quite large. This indoor plant will give you years and years of love! 

As they do in their natural, tropical habitat, Monstera's like to climb so depending on how big your plant is when you purchase, it will come with a support stake if needed.


Somewhere bright inside is perfect! Direct sun will damage the leaves so keep it filtered.


Water when the top inch of soil is dry. This is a really great way to check on most of your house plants water needs.

TIP: As the leaves grow big and beautiful, keep them dust free by wiping them with a warm damp cloth. It's nice to do this to all of your plants so that the dust doesn't block light absorption.


Base of pot to top of plant: between 58cm - 65cm

Width of pot: 17cm 

*Please note that no two plants are the same but each one is as beautiful and lush as the one pictured. You won't believe the amount of time we spend staring at each plant before deciding which to take home. Only the best for our plant peeps!

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