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Trio Of Cactus

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Blue Torch, Ferocactus Electracanthus, Mammillaria Microhelia.

Because sometimes 3 is better then 1.

These cute little indoor plant cacti are a perfect "first" plant as they require minimal care.

Cactuses need bright light so a window sill or somewhere as equally sunny in your home is a great spot for it. We would recommend a position that gets a few hours of afternoon sun as our Melbourne heat against glass can be a little much if they are baking all day. Ouch!

When to water your indoor plant cactus? In Spring and Summer, let your soil completely dry out between waterings. Take it outside once in a while and give it some fresh air. Autumn and Winter however, let the soil dry out as they need a cool, dry winter rest and this allows the cactus to go dormant.

Price includes delivery - hooray!

Base of pot to top of plant: 11-15cm (approx) - Width of pot: 8cm 

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