[Best Indoor Plants Melbourne] - The Jungle Edition

Green + Yellow Mother In Law Tongue in Concrete Pot

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Some make you swear. Some detoxify the air!

These indoor plants have many names. Mother In Law Tongue, Sansevieria, Snake Plants to name a few.

They filter the air, remove toxins, absorb certain airborne substances and create oxygen. Impressive am I right!?

This indoor plant is virtually indestructible. They are tolerant of low light levels and irregular watering. During Autumn and Winter, you can get away with watering them once every 2 months. 

This is a must have in general in all homes to help with air quality but it is also very popular as a gift for sick or elderly patients for this exact reason.

TIP: The snake plant will rot easily if overwatered. When watering, water around the outer edges of the pot rather then the centre.

Price includes delivery - hooray!

Base of pot to top of plant: (approx) 50cm - Width of pot: 19cm

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