Goldilocks Pothos-Indoor-Plants-Melbourne-The-Jungle-Edition
Goldilocks Pothos-Indoor-Plants-Melbourne-The-Jungle-Edition

Goldilocks Pothos in White Pot

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This Goldilocks will cascade and turn your home into a tropical jungle!


When the leaves start to wilt or curl, give him a little drink and he will perk right up! Just like you after your morning coffee or like me after a vodka and lime!


No direct sun for this guy, somewhere bright with indirect sunlight is perfect although in saying that, they can tolerate low light.


If he gets too long, propagate him! Take a cutting, pop it in water, wait a few weeks until you see some roots and then pot that bad boy up in some fresh soil. Voila! A new indoor plant for your collection!


Height of pot to top of plant: 22cm

Width of pot: 14cm

*Please note that no two plants are the same but each one is as beautiful and lush as the one pictured. You won't believe the amount of time we spend staring at each plant before deciding which to take home. Only the best for our plant peeps!

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