Fiddle Leaf Fig - Bambino in Pink Pot
Fiddle Leaf Fig - Bambino in Pink Pot

Fiddle Leaf Fig - Bambino in Pink Pot

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LOVES bright indirect light. Fiddle's can be fussy little biatches so try not to move them around too much. Pop them in a nice bright spot and happy days.


Let the soil dry out between watering, once that happens, give him a big drench. Just make sure to let the water drain out the bottom. Never let your plants sit in water.


Make sure to wipe the leaves from dust with a damp cloth, this ensures the plant absorbs all the benefits of sunlight. I mean, who likes to be covered in dust anyway?


From base of pot to top of plant: 40cm (approx)

*Please note that no two plants are the same but each one is as beautiful and lush as the one pictured. You won't believe the amount of time we spend staring at each plant before deciding which to take home. Only the best for our plant peeps!

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