Chain of Hearts in Sandstone Pot
Chain of Hearts in Sandstone Pot

Chain of Hearts in Sandstone Pot

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Literally a plant full of love hearts. Could you get a cuter indoor plant? This gal is our best seller for a reason.  A great gift for someone you love and a must have for all indoor plant enthusiasts!

Light requirements:

She does her best growing in bright light and even a trickle of full sun here and there. 

Water requirements:

Once the soil is completely dry, give her a good and proper drink similar to that of a Friday night #TGIF


If you start to get long spaces between your hearts, this is a sign it may not be getting enough light. 


Height of plant - 16cm *approx

Width of pot - 13cm

*Please note that no two plants are the same but each one is as beautiful and lush as the one pictured. You won't believe the amount of time we spend staring at each plant before deciding which to take home. Only the best for our plant peeps!

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