Top 7 Winter Plant Care Tips

I LOVE Winter but the one thing I don’t love is that generally speaking, most plants go dormant which means a couple of things. They “go to sleep”, there is less growth and their needs change.

Here are our top 7 tips for keeping your indoor plants happy during this ball freezing 3 months.

1. We rarely get super sunny days in Melbourne during Winter, its mostly overcast. Make sure to find a position for your plants that will get the brightest light during this time. If you start to notice your plants leaning, they are stretching for more sun. Rotate them when this happens to straighten them out.

2. Keep plants away from open doors, heaters, radiators and constantly changing temperature environments. This can stress the plant out. Pop them somewhere where the temperature is neutral most the day.

3. Allow soil to COMPLETELY dry out between waterings. Root rot is not your friend. Plants take longer to dry out in Winter due to less sunlight/warmth so most don’t need to be watered as often. 

4. Winter means having the heater on which means humidity is getting sucked right out of the air. Increase humidity by misting your plants in the morning with a spray bottle or group a few plants together. You can also use a pebble tray which is the most popular and effective method. 

5. Do not fertilise in Winter. Your plants are slow and sleepy so give them a break and hit them with some nutrients in Spring!

6. Wipe your plants leaves with a warm damp cloth, they need to absorb all the sunlight they can get and won’t be able to do that if dust is blocking it. 

7. Don’t stress if some of your plants leaves are dropping or going yellow (unless its excessive), all this means is that it’s adjusting to Winter temperature changes. This is a completely normal occurrence in Winter.


In the meantime, rug up and stay cosy.

Spring isn't far away!


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