Fiddle Leaf Fig Propagation Experiment

So, last July I had a little baby figgy growing from the bottom of the pot right underneath it’s mama bear. So I hacked him out and experimented with him like the amateur plant propagation scientist I am.

I honestly didn’t expect much to happen because at the time, I didn't cut him a certain way which now I’ve learned you’re meant to and I honestly had no idea about anything. I just stick cuttings in water and hope for the best really 🤷🏻‍♀️

I then put him in a jar of room temperature water, put in a couple of sprays of Seasol, sent out some positive vibes and waited.

Nothing happened, but he was still healthy and happy and looked just like he did the first day I put him in there. I changed his water once a fortnight and added the Seasol each time. I’m not sure if the Seasol was doing anything remarkable but I did it anyway. After about 6-7 weeks I noticed these little white fluffy fluff balls on his stem which I assumed were nodes.
Little white fluffy fluff balls. Probably nodes. Look like popcorn.

(Don’t pay attention to those roots yet, they came later. This is the only photo I had of the fluffy node popcorn balls). THEN, I noticed a new leaf starting to emerge 😮

Emerging new leaf. I can't remember a happier day in my life.

So yeah, I was feeling pretty happy with myself at this point.

I should mention, I don’t have the greatest of lighting in my kitchen which is where this experiment was taking place. It was on top of a book shelf near a window that didn’t get full sun ever. It’s mostly shadowed from the neighbours house. If you WERE to do this yourself at home, I would suggest a bright, indirectly lit spot.

Next up, the roots came and they grew so quickly once they started!
Roots for days!
..and then the leaves, my god THE LEAVES.
..and more leaves..

It was working!

We had a few casualties.. We lost 2 baby leaves but in total we gained 3. Hooray!

I thought this was a sign to pot him up. Also, he was outgrowing his little jar. I must say, I was nervous AF at the thought of potting him up. We spent 6 months together by this point. I was ALL IN. Committed Carrie. But it had to be done. This is him potted up in November last year.

Potting mix: 1/2 perlite and 1/2 good quality, well draining soil.

Pot size: an inch wider then root diameter.
Potted little fiddle man in his new home. (Pot and saucer from IKEA for $5.99)

So did he live? Did he die? Did he grow more leaves? Does he still love me? Have I killed him? Is he DEAD? What’s the point of this post? 🤷🏻‍♀️

All great questions.. let’s take a look at him 4 months on.. (9 months in total since I first chopped him).
Started from the bottom now we 'ere.
7 Leaf Larry.

I'm happy to report, he is still going strong!

Unfortunately I didn't take a photo when I first put him in water 🤦🏻‍♀️ He only had 3 leaves at the time. Here is a side by side comparison after he already grew 2 new leaves so let’s all just pretend they’re not there so you can get a better idea 🤦🏻‍♀️
1st pic: November 2017. 2nd pic: March 2018.
I am always keeping a close eye on him because I want him to grow into a humongous beast! Right now though, he’s infested with fungus gnats.

Of course he is. That’s a whole other blog post though 🤦🏻‍♀️


Are you going to give this a try for yourself? If so, here are some tips and tricks that I’ve learned on this 9 month adventure.

  • When looking for a cutting, make sure you take a baby from the base of the mother plant that is clearly growing new leaves OR from the top of the plant where you can see a new bud coming through where the leaves come out. Don’t worry, your fiddle won't stop growing in the spot you’ve taken the cutting. It will eventually grow new buds there and carry on. Someone asked me last time if you can root a leaf. I haven’t tried this yet but after some research today, apparently you can! I am currently trying to propagate one.
  • They say to make the cut on an angle however I didn't and as you can see, the results are still there.
  • Pop him straight into a jar with room temperature water. I’m not sure if the Seasol made any difference but as that’s what I did, that is what I recommend. A couple of sprays and you’re good to go. Some people use a rooting hormone but I didn't have any on the day so I thought the next best thing was Seasol.
  • Put him in a bright, indirectly lit spot.
  • Change the water every fortnight or when you notice the water getting a bit gross.
  • Kick back and wait.

Good luck everyone!

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